“We've had great success finding mentors and code reviewers for our upcoming product launch. Switchboard is one of the first places I go to for recruiting talent.

Thanks Switchboard team. ”

Nancy King shared this story on April 6, 2016

Mentors and Code Reviewers @Treehouse

“I asked the question about the regulations and was pointed in the general direction with 24 hours. I performed the research from there and found the answer.”

Cooper Stevenson shared this story on March 25, 2016

Newspaper Box Regulations

“Great meeting with Kristen. Moving forward with a formal proposal and continued discussion.”

“ Early Adopter event on 3/17 and posts on Switchboard to my ask have been great! Always willing to see more, but great insight and opportunities so far. ”

Chris Harder shared this story on March 20, 2015

Managing Business Relationships

“ Wow, I'm so excited about the feedback I've received. Thanks everyone. I'll be messaging folks directly to follow up and learn more about individual ideas.  ”

Morgan Masterman shared this story on March 18, 2015

Best way to get small businesses online

“William, great to hear this has moved forward! The connection between you and PBOT, and the project you are partnering on is the reason we have this program.”

“ The PDC intro'd us to some folks at PBOT, who loved our idea. We are now working on a pilot program with them! ”